Bedtime Blessing

A peaceful bedtime poem describing God’s love and care for every creature.

Author: Becky Davies

Illustrator: Tina Macnaughton

Length: 26 pages, 8-25 words per page


Word Choice: This poem is characterized by sentimental, rhythmic, rhyming text.  The content is intended to be inspirational, (like a prayer) so there are religious themes throughout the pages.

Illustrations: Each page contains a lovely painting of an animal family settling down for the night.  The colors and style are soothing–perfect for bedtime.

Read-aloud-ability: As with many bedtime books, this one is characterized by rhyme and meter.  Normally this aids a book’s read-aloud-ability, but not with this one.  Sadly, since neither the rhyme or the meter are spot-on, the reader may stumble over the words and lose the intended rhythm of the text.

Additional thoughts: Though this is not one of the best bedtime board books we’ve seen, we have enjoyed it.  As it is not so well suited to reading aloud, when reading it to babies I have often shortened the text to two lines per page.  As the pictures are cute, by shortening the text slightly this book has held my babies attention well.

Kids’ Vote: 3 Stars

Parents’ Vote: 3 Stars

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

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