4 Bedtime Books for Babies

I wonder how many babies fall asleep to lullabies?  Across the generations and cultures lullabies have been part of family traditions and routines.  While lullabies are most often sung with a gentle melody, they also evoke calming poetic traits of rhythm and sometimes rhyme.  These soothing characteristics are also important for a quality bedtime book when you are wanting to ‘lull’ your baby or toddler to sleep. 

To be honest, when I began to encounter these books with my first baby I found them rather boring because they had no story.  But once I began to think about them differently, understanding that their purpose is to ‘lull’, I saw the value in their tranquility.  As these books are meant to be less stimulating, the text may be more lyrical or aesthetic rather than a dramatic or funny story and the pictures are often beautiful or artistic scenes rather than depictions of action.  Bearing in mind their pacifying intent, these books are not what you might read to your child in the midst of playtime.  In light of this, if serenity is not your goal, but you would rather a fun, stimulating bedtime story you may find it here

However, if you are looking for some baby books that are perfect for a cozy, bedtime snuggle with your little one, below are four lovely lullaby-like books that my babies and I have enjoyed together.

Time For Bed

A gentle, rhythmic lullaby depicting parents settling their babies to sleep.

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A Book Of Sleep

All night, a watchful owl quietly observes how other animals sleep.

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Goodnight Moon

A classic bedtime poem saying ‘goodnight’ to every part of the room–even the moon peeking through the window.

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Bedtime Blessing

A peaceful bedtime poem describing God’s love and care for every creature.

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