Hi, Welcome to Books Might Fly my name is Grace!


I am a linguist, a teacher, an artist and a mom. I hold a BA in Psychology & Linguistics and a Masters in Linguistics and Exegesis. My interests include early literacy, mother tongue literacy, child development, translation, language acquisition and communication disorders.


Reading has always been an important part of my life. During my eight years of university, I spent hours reading textbooks, articles, journals, and theses. But I have always had a particular fondness for picture books. And now that I am a mom, I get to read picture books more than anything else!


I have a hubby and two little kids. Both my babies are crazy about books, and love being read to. We have memorized almost all the books we own, and have become familiar with most of the books in our local library. As a result, we are regularly on the hunt for new books. This site is the result of our quest for good books to read together.


I hope you find this site useful and that it will lead to many great reading adventures for you and your kids!