Digger, Dozer, Dumper

A celebration of work trucks in eighteen playful — and informative poems for preschoolers.

Author: Hope Vestergaard

Illustrator: David Slonim

Length: 40 pages, 7 – 70 words per page

Ages: 2-5

Word Choice: Playful rhyme and meter partnered with creative descriptions of each trucks’ parts and actions make the poems easily accessible for young children.

Illustrations: The watercolour drawings are simple, full of action and happy characters (workers, a work dog, and other animals).

Read-aloud-ability:  This is a terrific read-aloud!  The poems are entertaining, yet focused and the rhythm and rhyme schemes are impeccable. At first glance it may appear long, but it quite effectively held my kids’ attention and they wanted it read repeatedly.  I enjoyed reading it to them numerous times.

Additional thoughts:  The poetry and illustrations suit each other brilliantly.  It is evident that both the author and artist had thoughtfully considered the interests of the intended audience creating an intriguing book for young truck enthusiasts. One note: my 3 year old noticed that though “grader” was mentioned at the end of the book, there were no poems about a grader, this was a bit concerning for him.

Kids’ Vote: 5 Stars

Parents’ Vote: 5 Stars

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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