Froggy Gets Dressed


Frogs are supposed to sleep all winter.  But Froggy wants to play in the snow! Getting dressed isn’t so easy for a little frog. Can he remember all the clothing he needs to keep warm?

Author: Jonathan London

Illustrator: Frank Remkiewicz

Type: Board Book

Length: 32 pages, approx 5-55 words per page


Word Choice: This fun story is composed of simple narration, dialogue and sounds.

Illustrations: Expressive, cartoon style paintings animate this silly story.

Read-aloud-ability: While a bit repetitive at times, the story is comical and familiar for little kids who think that it is a lot of work to get dressed.  We have read this many times!  I have to admit, sometimes all the ‘zups’ and ‘zwits’ get tiresome for me (so I skip them). There is also an audio version available (a CD which comes with the book in paperback), which we have enjoyed as well.

Additional thoughts:  I found this story while I was looking for books to help teach my toddler about getting dressed. It was a nice change from didactic, step-by-step ‘how to get dressed’ books. While some parents may find the mention of underwear rude, I think most kids will be amused that at the end of all the attempts at dressing, Froggy has forgotten his long johns and is too tired to finish dressing. After discovering this book, we found out that there are many other Froggy stories available.  So far, we like this one the best.

Kids’ Vote: 3 Stars

Parents’ Vote: 4 Stars

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars

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