Good Dog, Carl

Jovial and surprising things happen when Carl, a gentle rottweiler, looks after the baby while mom is away.

Author / Illustrator: Alexandra Day

Length: 40 pages, essentially wordless (with the exception of 9 words on the first page and 3 words on the last page).

Ages: 0-5

Word Choice: This is essentially a wordless book, with the exception of a one sentence on the first and last pages.  This makes it a fun choice for a child who is not yet literate but likes to ‘read’ on his own. My 3 year old has often read this story to his sister.

Illustrations: The beautiful egg tempera paintings are imaginatively, realistic and charming.  The pictures are the story, and the story is endearing, amusing and almost scary.

Read-aloud-ability: This is my 18 month old daughter’s favorite book, which means we have “read” it numerous times a day for months.  It is now getting a bit tiresome!  There is so much mischief on each page that it is delightful to talk about with little kids, even when you have it memorized. 

Additional thoughts: My baby adores dogs (she is nearly in tears with excitement whenever she sees one) and is quite attached to this book.  My only concern is that she may be hoping for the day a dog will babysit her!  If your young children love dogs, this story might captivate their little imaginations.

Kids’ Vote: 5 stars

Parents’ Vote: 5 stars

Overall Rating: 5 stars

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