Gotta Go, Buffalo: a silly book of fun goodbyes

Having trouble saying “goodbye”?  These cheerfully silly farewells will put a smile on your face.

Author: Kevin & Haily Meyers

Illustrator: Haily Meyers

Length: 22 pages, 1- 20 words per page

Ages: 1-6

Word Choice: Gleeful rhythm and rhyme create a giggling good-bye time in this unique board book.  The wording is suitable for a preschooler to memorize or a beginner reader to sound out.  The most difficult word is “ciao”.

Illustrations: The bold and brightly coloured modern prints of scenery and animals are attractive and funny.  My daughter laughs at the fly on the toad’s tongue every time we read it.  

Read-aloud-ability:  This is an easy and enjoyable read aloud.  I have read it more than 30 times, and it is not tiresome because it is amusing and short.  My kids have both memorized it and read it to themselves and each other.  Many of these “goodbyes” are now common usage in our house.

Additional thoughts:  The flaps are large and a bit flimsy.  This makes them more difficult for small hands to lift (without bending them).  Even I have had found them more challenging to lift that other lift the flap books.  I think if the paper was a bit thicker and less glossy it would diminish the need for dexterity.

Kids’ Vote: 4.5 Stars

Parents’ Vote: 3.5 Stars

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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