Farmer’s plan to bathe his animals goes smoothly until he meets opposition from his defiant pigs, whose audacity forces the hysterical farmer to extreme and hilarious measures.

Author: Karma Wilson

Illustrator: Jim McMullan

Length: 40 pages, 10 – 47 words per page

Ages: 2- 8

Word Choice: This story is a riot! The word choice is creative and animated.  The text is filled with fun word plays as well as narrating an outlandish story.

Illustrations: The colourful, watercolour pictures are simplistic in comparison to the illustrations in some other books by this author, but I think they suit the comical nature of this story.

Read-aloud-ability: With flawless rhyme and meter, this boisterous story is super fun to read aloud!

Additional thoughts: Some parents might be concerned about the potential message of non-compliance to bathing that is emphasized in this story.  My son had just turned 2 when we first read it and he thought it was hilarious and seemed even then to grasp the ridiculousness of the pigs and the farmer’s reactions.  After reading this countless times, my kids still love baths.

Kids’ Vote: 5

Parents’ Vote: 5

Overall Rating: 5

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