If You Plant a Seed

One spring, two friends plant some seeds in their garden and wait. While they are enjoying their harvest, some birds come.  Will they share?

Author / Illustrator: Kadir Nelson

Length: 40 pages, 2-13 words per page

Ages: 1-8

Word Choice: This is a lovely, rhymeless poem.  It is short enough for babies and the words are simple enough for grade 1 readers.  The most difficult word is “selfishness”.

Illustrations:  The paintings are lifelike, compelling and adorable.  Our favorite page is the close up of all the birds looking at the reader.  The size of the illustrations make this book an excellent choice for a story time or a classroom.

Read-aloud-ability: This book is short, with captivating and humorous pictures  — this makes it easy to read numerous times.  The pictures also make the concepts engaging and easy to talk about with young kids.

Additional thoughts: The poem relates to the illustrations well, so that the concepts (kindness verses selfishness) described are concrete— even for young kids to understand.  On the book it suggests an audience of 4-8, but both my kids loved it.  Because the illustrations are so bold and stunning, it held the attention of my wiggly 20 month old as well my 3 year old.  It was obvious to them who was being kind and who was not. 

Kids’ Vote: 5 Stars

Parents’ Vote: 5 Stars

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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