Jack Wants A Snack

A lighthearted story of a preschooler who is having a serious tea party while a curious dog and a presumptuous chipmunk make attempts at snitching the snack.

Author / Illustrator: Pat Schories

Length: 34 pages

Ages: 0-4

Word Choice: This is a wordless board book.

Illustrations: The cute pencil crayon and water colour pictures are winsome and tell the amusing tale well.  

Read-aloud-ability: This is a wordless story, but the pictures are engaging and make it a delightful story to share with a baby or toddler. Since the storyline is sequential and easy to follow, this is a fun book that encourages children who are able to talk to tell the story themselves.

Additional thoughts:  My son enjoyed this story when he was just over a year old.   My daughter is almost two and seems thrilled that she can tell me what is happening.  The uncomplicated subject matter make it believable for young children as most things in this simple story will be familiar to them. If you are looking for a board book that can stimulate conversation with toddlers who are learning to talk, this is a splendid choice!

Kids’ Vote: 4 Stars

Parents’ Vote: 4 Stars

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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