A young toddler needs to go potty.  What could they do?  They can try going in the potty.

Author / Illustrator: Leslie Patricelli

Length: 28 pages, 1-6 words per page

Ages: 0-3

Word Choice: Cleverly uncomplicated narration done by a toddler makes this book accessible for toddlers who are interested and beginning to be potty trained themselves.  With very few words, it is easily memorable by a young child.  

Illustrations: Leslie Patricelli’s signature bald, gender neutral toddler is endearing. The artwork is bold and clear demonstrating how to go potty in a way that a young child can easily grasp.

Read-aloud-ability: We have read this book a crazy amount of times.  Too many to count! Of potty books this is by far the best one to read aloud numerous times a day to interested parties. My 22 month old now “reads” it to her stuffed animals while potty training them!

Additional thoughts: We have read a lot of potty books in the last two years.  This particular one is my daughter’s favorite, though my kids seem to have a bizarre appreciation for potty books in general.  What I liked about this one is its simplicity.  It gets to the point.  There is no talk of buying a potty, or gifts of potties, or body parts or even accidents.  There is also no mention of poo or pee. It is solely focused on sitting, waiting and going potty.  Maybe some kids need more details?  Mine seemed to know perfectly well what was going on.

Kids’ Vote: 5 Stars

Parents’ Vote: 5 Stars

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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