Shh! We Have A Plan

A droll, slapstick tale of four friends wondering through the woods at night.  When they spot a colourful bird, they make several humorous attempts to sneak up and catch it. 

Author / Illustrator: Chris Haughton

Length: 48 pages, 1-8 words per page

Ages: 1-6

Word Choice: With simple words and repetition, this story is easily read to a toddler and would be suitable for a young beginner reader. The most difficult words are climbing, paddling, would and squirrel.

Illustrations: The full spread pictures are vibrant, with excellent contrast that will catch the attention of young toddlers.  The pictures are also quite comical and dynamically tell this amusing story.

Read-aloud-ability: We have read this book easily more than 30 times in the past month.  It does not get tiresome and makes me (and the kids) smile every time. It is also short—making it a perfect choice when asked to read “one very last” bedtime story.

Additional thoughts:  Both my kids love this book.  I got it for my 3 year old, thinking he would find it funny, and was pleasantly surprised that it is my 18 month old who pulls it off the shelf several times a day and laughs every time.  They both have it memorized — my baby says “Shh!” very emphatically (we all get wet).

Kids’ Vote: 5

Parents’ Vote: 5

Overall Rating: 5

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