Super Silly Board Books for Preschoolers

Lift-The-Flap and First Words books are great for introducing babies and toddlers to reading.  Usually they are sold in a board book format, more durable than a typical picture book and often they focus on the tactile aspect of reading.  But what about for toddlers and preschoolers who just like a good story? 

As a mom with a toddler and a preschooler I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it takes time for them to learn how to turn pages gently so that the book survives more than one reading.  When we take picture books out of the library, often there are small tears at the bottom of each page—evidence of a young book enthusiast learning to turn pages.  Neither of my kids can resist the urge to rip a small tear further. This has resulted in several shredded books. 

So I’ve been on the hunt for board books—but not the ones for babies, and not the sentimental keepsakes, but rather the ones with really fun stories.  Here are seven silly stories, all in board book format, with engaging illustrations and many of them even have rhyme and meter. We’ve read each of these over and over again.  I hope you enjoy them too!


Duck In A Truck

Froggy Gets Dressed

Froggy is supposed to be hibernating, but he really wants to play in the snow! So he tries to get dressed – all on his own.

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Sheep In A Jeep

An amusing, rhyming tale of five sheep, crammed in a jeep, and their mishaps.

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A farmer decides to sell his car.  A cow sees an opportunity–a hilarious joyride.

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The Very Cranky Bear

On a rainy day, an unusual group of friends are looking for a place to play. They find the perfect place – except it is already taken by a very cranky bear. Can these friends cheer him up?

The Monster At The End of This Book

Grover is afraid. Afraid of the monster at the end of this book. So afraid he will try anything to stop you from meeting him on the last page.

Fix-It Duck

When duck thinks that his roof is leaking he sets off on a wild misadventure as he tries to help his friend sheep too.

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