the boat

A mouse trapped inside this book tries to chew his way out.  While chewing, he discovers the sea, makes a boat and sails away.

Author / Illustrator: Monique Felix

Length: 32 wordless pages

Ages: All ages

Word Choice: This is a completely wordless story.

Illustrations: These pictures are priceless! The mouse is the size of an actual mouse and looks remarkably realistic aside from its comical facial expressions. 

Read-aloud-ability: Unlike some wordless books, there is not a lot of story to “tell” but rather it is a story one observes.  It’s charm is in it’s simplicity and stunning illustrations that appear to be three dimensional.

Additional thoughts: Though we were greatly amused by this story and all its surprises, it is not one we have read numerous times because much of the enjoyment initially comes from the unexpected.  My kids were particularly delighted with how real the mouse looked, but they are a little young to appreciate all the imaginative and aesthetic qualities of this little book.  In finding this book I discovered that it is part of a larger series of “mouse books” and I am looking forward to getting our hands on copies of the other books in this series.

Kids’ Vote: 3.5 Stars

Parents’ Vote: 4.5  Stars

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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