There Is A Bird on Your Head!

Gerald finds himself in an unusual predicament as some birds decide to build a home—on his head!

Author / Illustrator: Mo Willems

Length: 64 pages, 1-15 words per page

Ages: 2-8

Word Choice: Humorous dialogue with a surprising and ridiculous storyline characterize this book.  It is perfect for a beginner reader and engagingly silly for preschoolers too!  The most difficult words are: excuse, somewhere and hatching.

Illustrations: The pictures are really funny.  In Mo Willem’s signature style, the dramatic facial expressions and body language of the characters are humorous and emotional.

Read-aloud-ability: We have read and re-read this one countless times.  It still makes me chuckle whenever I read it to my kids.

Additional thoughts: This has been one of our favorite Elephant & Piggie books.  Though my kids are too young to understand being “in love”, the story amused them greatly—having something unusual on a person’s head is just always funny to a little kid.  We have laughed ourselves silly many times over. This one also brings up the idea of asking some one to do something else, instead of getting upset by what others are doing—a practical concept for preschoolers.  Check out the other Elephant & Piggie books we love: Waiting Is Not Easy! and A Big Guy Took My Ball!

Kids’ Vote: 5 Stars

Parents’ Vote: 5 Stars

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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