Time For Bed

A gentle, rhythmic lullaby depicting parents settling their babies to sleep.

Author: Mem Fox

Illustrator: Jane Dyer

Length: 30 pages, 2-10 words per page

Ages: 0-3

Word Choice: Thoughtful repetition, rhythm and rhyme create a soothing lullaby-like poem.

Illustrations: Beautiful, serene watercolour illustrations cause this book to stand out among other bedtime board books.

Read-aloud-ability: This book has excellent read-aloud quality. Though the repetition can get tiresome for the parents when read zillions of times, the kids never seem to get tired of it.  My 1 year old wants this book over all others every night.

Additional thoughts: This board book comes in two sizes. A small version (5 in square) and a large version (11 in).  We prefer the large version, the size suits the pictures best as the details are clearer. Also we noticed that the quality and colouring of the pictures is better in the large version (the pictures in the small version seem muddy and dark).

Kids’ Vote: 5 Stars

Parents’ Vote: 5 Stars

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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