Trains are little elephant’s favorite.  But when he gets a chance to go on a train ride with some other kids, he finds out that not everyone is as fond of trains as he is.  How can they play together?

Author / Illustrator: Judi Abbot

Length: 30 pages, 1-20 words per page

Ages: 0-3

Word Choice: With a clear storyline and lots of simple wording and repetition, this story is perfect for toddlers.

Illustrations: Cute and playful paintings create a colourful imaginary world (where all kinds of animals take the train) that is easily understood by young children. 

Read-aloud-ability:  My kids requested this book a lot, and I did find it tiresome after a while.  But because of its simplicity, in no time my 3 year old could “read” it to his sister —and he didn’t seem to mind!

Additional thoughts:  If you are looking for a book for very young kids who like vehicles and are just learning to play with others, this is one to consider reading to them.  In a cheerful way, it addresses serious toddler dilemmas such as sharing and “what to do when the other kids don’t want to play your game with you”.

Kids’ Vote: 4 Stars

Parents’ Vote: 3 Stars

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars

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