Whose Tools?

A guessing game, lift-the-flap book introducing a variety of tools used to build a house and the trade workers who use them.

Author: Toni Buzzeo

Illustrator: Jim Datz

Length: 18 pages with a flap, 2-15 words per page

Ages: 0-4

Word Choice: Repetitive, rhyming text introduces vocabulary in a guessing game style.  This is designed particularly for preschoolers who are interested in building and tools.

Illustrations: Bright and cheerful digital illustrations depict each tool (slightly personified) as well as a double spread picture of the tradesmen/women in action.  Unlike Emma Garcia’s Tap Tap Bang Bang, these tools more closely resemble the actual objects and are easily identifiable for young kids.

Read-aloud-ability:  With short rhyming text, it is easy to read this book numerous times in a row.  It is set up to be interactive (question and answer style) which causes the reader to engage with the audience in a purposeful way.

Additional thoughts: While this is not a traditional lift-the-flap style of book, the structure of this board book is perfect for little hands.  The large page-like flap does not require fine motor dexterity making it ideal for those learning to turn pages.  My kids also like the sequel to this book (which is the same style) entitled Who’s Truck?

Kids’ Vote: 5 Stars

Parents’ Vote: 5 Stars

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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